Modernising a 30-Year-Old Access System into a Universal Web-Based Solution



Fitzgerald Law Group is a legal firm renowned for its steadfast commitment to minimizing property tax obligations for its clients, with a particular focus on Cook County, Illinois. The group lacked an in-house engineering or technical team and was not familiar with the software development process. The need was to migrate their legacy system Tax Track into a new and better approach.


The Tax Track System, a legacy access application, located in a system at their office and hosted on an Azure database, has served the team for the past 30 years. However, it encountered some functional limitations, such as the inability of multiple users to work on an open file simultaneously, outdated features, and numerous bugs. The absence of comprehensive documentation made it particularly challenging for the newcomers or even our team to navigate and utilize the system effectively.

The requirement was to modernize the existing system and to add new features while maintaining a similar user experience to ease the transition for the staff.


Regular client meetings were scheduled and conducted to enhance understanding of the system's functionality and to iteratively build each screen. Collaboration between our team and the staff at Fitzgerald helped to facilitate a deep understanding of the current system's operations.


  • Designs were meticulously crafted in Figma.
  • Each design underwent client confirmation before implementation.
  • The solution was developed as a web application using React JS.
  • Hosting was established on Azure to ensure reliability and scalability.
  • The transition to the new system enabled multiple staff members to access it simultaneously.
  • Changes were systematically rolled out to the staging environment and then to the production.
  • The client participated in testing and verifying changes at each stage.


The entire project presented an opportunity for the client and our team to deepen the technical understanding, refine the project planning, and comprehend the requirements. The system is completed and is now operational in the production environment.

The Fitzgerald team has now moved from using the legacy system to the present tax track web for their day-to-day operations while we are currently working on enhancing new additional features on tax track from user feedback.


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